Thursday! Day Three...

Booklet - Junior

Booklet - Older

Wednesday! Day Two...

Booklet - Junior

Booklet - Older

Tuesday! Day One...

All you need to know for Superhero Holiday Club

Each day a new video will be uploaded onto the website. The video will include:

    • A welcome
    • Meet the Bible Hero
    • Songs – Some of the song videos have words, but all the word are printed in the little booklets
    • A short talk helping us to think about something in the story that the Bible Hero shared
    • Booklet explanation
    • Craft instructions


  • A reflection time to help us think how it can apply to us today
  • A Pause Page (if you’d like to do the craft at this point to break the video watching up)
  • A daily challenge
  • Singing
  • Prayer
  • Goodbye

Along with the first video, little booklets will be uploaded onto the website. There are two age appropriate booklets – a junior one which would suit ages 4-7; and an older one which would suit 8+. There is no rule about who does which booklet so feel free to use whichever your child is comfortable with. The booklets contain:

  • The Bible stories
  • Some fun activity sheets
  • Some places to write / draw / answer questions
  • Prayer activities
  • Daily craft instructions and examples
  • Song lyrics
  • Daily challenge score sheet
  • Craft templates if needed
  • Big Superhero Challenge

The way a normal holiday club runs is we do each section together as per the video outline, but as you will be doing it at home feel free to do it to suit your needs. I would encourage you to watch the video until the end of the reflection when a pause page will show. Then have snack / refreshment break. You can do the craft at this point or if you prefer, wait until the end of the video – it’s up to you. Watch the rest of the video and then do the booklets together and craft if you haven’t already done it. Try not to do the next day’s activities in the booklet – it helps to keep the days separate to have a whole day exploring experience.

Details of Each Day

Day 1 we will hear from David and how he beat the giant Goliath. We will think about how God can give us the power to overcome obstacles and our own giants in life. We will paint or colour pebbles or salt dough pebbles for our craft.

You will need:

  • Something to write, draw and colour with
  • Pebbles/stones (about fist size) or make salt dough* ones (Recipe below)
  •  Paint or felt tips (Sharpies work best) to decorate pebbles

Day 2 we will hear from Queen Esther and how God gave her the courage to be brave enough to save her people. We will think about the times we need courage and how God can help us if we ask him. We will make and decorate masks – templates provided in the little booklets.

You will need:

  • Something to write, draw and colour with
  • Some paper /card for prayer activity
  • Mask templates or paper and card to draw your own (I used cardboard from a cereal box for mine)
  • Things to decorate the masks – felt tips; crayons; anything you can find in the house – foil; buttons etc
  • String / elastic / stick to keep in place
  • Glue / tape

Day 3 we will meet Paul who went from being a baddie to a goodie and spent his life telling everyone about Jesus the ultimate Bible Superhero. We will think about how Jesus can change us and how we can share Jesus with others. We will make some Easter Story Stones for our craft (pictures in booklets). Using stones that you can find in the garden, salt dough stones or cardboard ones. They will help us tell the Easter story just like Paul did as he travelled his world.

You will need:

  • Something to write, draw and colour with
  • 8 smallish stones (about 5-7cm wide)[If you don’t have stones make some salt dough* ones or cardboard ones]
  • Marker pens or paint or Sharpies (they work the best)
  • A printout of the Easter Story or a piece of paper and pen to write it onto (in booklets)
  • Something to keep the stones and story in when you’ve made them (marg tub, crisp tube, bag)

Salt Dough Recipe

1 Cup Flour*
1 Tablespoon Oil
1⁄2 Cup Salt*
Food colouring (if you want)
Mix together flour, salt, oil, food colouring(if using), then add a little cold water at a time and knead until it is the consistency of playdough. Add a little more flour if it becomes too wet. Can use immediately, but better after it’s been in the fridge for about an hour. Once objects are created leave them to dry over a couple of days or put it in a very low oven (100 degrees or less) for 2-3 hours.   *(flour:salt ratio = 2:1)

*If you are making salt dough pebbles do them the day before so that they are dry enough to decorate.

Participant Details

Please send details of who is doing the holiday club so we have a record of numbers. Include: Names of Children; ages; contact details (address / email) so we can let you know who’s won prizes etc. *Please give your consent for photos to be used on either website or in parish magazine or both or neither! Please note: These details are purely for official use and will not be shared.

 Dress up and have fun, just like you would if you came down to church to do holiday club!

Send us some pictures – we’d love to see how your ‘at home’ holiday club is going. If you’d like to be on the daily challenge leader board send in your times etc. and if you want to be in the Big Superhero Prize draw remember to send your answers in. Send photos etc. to Kim at – remember to put your names on and share what you’ve been doing. Photos may be put onto the Holiday Club page on the website. *Note above*