We are being blessed by seeing more people come to St John’s each week to worship God. We are thankful for the help we receive from the church family in delivering St John’s mission, both through the generous giving of time and financial support. As we grow however, so the need grows for more help.

St John’s receives no central funding, either from the Church authorities or from Government; everything we do or want to do has to be funded by our own congregation and supporters. It costs over £4,000 per week to run St John’s and as well as the costs of our clergy here are some examples of how we put your generosity to work:-

£350 will fund our children’s and families’ work for a week

£650 is the weekly cost of our behind the scenes administration and cleaning of the church

£270 is the cost specifically for the upkeep of services throughout the week

£200 is the average weekly cost of providing gas and electricity

£300 is the weekly cost of insuring & maintaining the church building

£300 per week goes to our mission giving to causes at home and abroad


Most of these costs are fixed costs, which means that it is wonderful when people choose to give on a regular basis. If you see St John’s as your spiritual home and are not already a regular giver, you can become one by completing a standing order here or by signing up via direct debit to the Parish Giving Scheme here (you can also pick up these forms from the church). The Parish Giving Scheme is centrally administered by the Church, with 100% of your gift being remitted to St John’s each month. With this scheme you can also elect to index-link your gift.


We also welcome one-off gifts towards the work of St John’s. If you would like to make a contribution towards our mission, please click on the ‘Donate’ button below.


If you would like to speak to someone about a one-off or regular gift, please contact David Scott-Ralphs at


Thank you for the blessing of your gift.