24 December 2021, 4 pm

Christingle Service

Leading Kim Leach

Preaching Revd Giles Carpenter


Leader Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world’.

All A light that will shine in the darkness

Leader A light that can be seen by all

All A light that we will see shining here today as Jesus is with us.



Light of the world you stepped down into darkness

opened my eyes let me see

beauty that made this heart adore you

hope of a life spent with you



So here I am to worship

here I am to bow down

here I am to say that you’re my God

you’re altogether lovely

altogether worthy

altogether wonderful to me


King of all days oh so highly exalted

glorious in Heaven above

humbly you came to the earth you created

all for love’s sake became poor


And I’ll never know how much it cost

to see my sin upon that cross.

And I’ll never know how much it cost

to see my sin upon that cross.

Tim Hughes ©2000 Thankyou Music


Lighting of the Advent Candle

 Leader We have this Advent ring to remind us of the coming of Jesus, the Light of the World.

 The fourth Advent candle is lit

 We light this candle to remind us of Mary who told God she would obey.

 All Lord Jesus, Light of the world, Thank you that although Mary was afraid she responded to God’s call with joy. This Christmas help us to open our lives to you and bless us your children who long for your coming.

Saying Sorry to God

All Forgive us Lord for all the things we have done wrong. For not caring enough for your world. For failing to use the gifts you have given us wisely and generously and for making this world’s goods our treasure.

Forgive us Lord for often putting ourselves first and ignoring the needs of others. Help us to love other people as you love us and be more generous with our time and talents that others may see something of Jesus in our lives. Amen.

Receiving God’s forgiveness

Leader Jesus Christ our Saviour thank you that through your cross you have forgiven us for all that we have done wrong. Help us to be truly sorry and strengthen us by your Holy Spirit and help us to become the type of people you want us to be.

All  Amen.

The Peace

Leader  Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and his name shall be called the Prince of Peace.


Christingle Song (Tune Give me oil in my lamp - Sing Hosanna)

The Christingle begins with an orange,

telling us of the world God made.

By the fruits of the earth in their seasons,

we can see the love of God displayed.


Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!

Sing Christingle, it’s the light of Christ.

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!

Sing Christingle, light of Christ.


God of love, we give thanks now for Jesus;

we remember his birth again.

But the red ribbon round the Christingle

tells the story of his cross and pain.

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!...


To complete the Christingle: a candle,

shining out in the darkest night.

Jesus promised to lead us and guide us;

come and celebrate the world’s true light!

 Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!...


Reading John 1:1-9


Talk Rev Giles

Distribution of Christingles (Lit Christingle distributed)

Prayers for The Children’s Society and the world

Led by Ben /Elly and youth


Silent night, holy night

All is calm, all is bright

Round yon Virgin Mother and Child

Holy Infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace

Sleep in heavenly peace


A Christingle holding prayer


Silent night, holy night!

Shepherds quake at the sight

Glories stream from heaven afar

Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!

Christ, the Saviour is born

Christ, the Saviour is born


A prayer of thanks for The Children’s Society


Silent night, holy night

Son of God, love’s pure light

Radiant beams from Thy holy face

With the dawn of redeeming grace

Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth


The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who is in heaven,

hallowed be your name,

Your kingdom come, Your will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our sins as we forgive

those who have sinned against us.

And lead us not into temptation but

deliver us from evil.

For yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory,

for ever and ever.


All extinguish candles and return to seats.


Family News


Hymn Shine, Jesus shine...

Lord, the light of your love is shining,

In the midst of the darkness, shining;

Jesus, Light of the world, shine upon us,

Set us free by the truth You now bring us,

Shine on me, shine on me.


Shine, Jesus, shine,

Fill this land with the Father’s glory;

Blaze, Spirit, blaze,

Set our hearts on fire.

Flow, river, flow,

Flood the nations with grace and mercy;

Send forth Your word,

Lord, and let there be light.


Lord, I come to Your awesome presence,

From the shadows into Your radiance;

By the blood I may enter Your brightness,

Search me, try me, consume all my darkness.

Shine on me, shine on me.

Shine, Jesus, shine…


As we gaze on Your kingly brightness

So our faces display Your likeness.

Ever changing from glory to glory,

Mirrored here may our lives tell Your story.

Shine on me, shine on me.

Shine, Jesus, shine...

Graham Kendrick © 1987 Make Way Music


The Blessing (Rev Giles)

All Christ be our light

shine in our hearts

shine through the darkness

Christ be our light

shine in our lives

As we take your light to the world.


And the blessing of God Almighty...


All Amen.


Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.


All In the name of Christ